A comprehensive web platform that helps schedule
and manage your visual media at scale.

3-Step Ordering

Our scheduling platform can be up to 75% quicker and more effective than the traditional media studio booking process.

Product Quality
Control & Assurance

Digital Resolution delivers premium products above industry standard so that your properties always stand out. Our certified technicians, post-edit team and customer approval process ensure your media is always consistent.

Platform Scalability

Our platform is built to accommodate any number of members regardless of their location. Our robust team of technicians ensure the products you need are available when you need them and wherever you need them.

Real-Time Notifications

Our real-time notification system helps you track and manage your orders from start to finish. Stay in touch with our technicians throughout the entire process.

Internal Team
and Invoincing Managment

Our enterprise solution provides a large list of internal management tools:

  • Admin profiles make it easy to add team members and manage their projects.
  • Invoicing options lets your team order with ease and avoid the hassle of payment processing.
  • Order approval system allows your admins to price the products or packages that require approval before ordering.
  • Add collaborators on any project to keep everyone in the loop

In-Depth Product
Customization Options

Our enterprise solutions include custom tailored packages and pricing options to make sure you and your team are properly equipped. Our platform can also be company branded allowing for a more personalized experience.

Manage & Review Products

Once your media is delivered, review the project and provide feedback or request changes. All projects can be managed and updated in your personal media platform.

Simple Technician
& Studio Integration

Our integrated technician solution means in-house media providers can be easily added to your platform media options.

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